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Building Staff Community: Social and Wellness Committee

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

During my time at Albanian College Tirana, one of my favourite volunteer activities has been running the Staff Social and Wellness Committee.

In an international school, promoting teamwork, unity and community is integral to a school's success. It has been a great joy for me to spearhead this initiative.

Some examples of work I have accomplished in this role include:

-Planning New Staff Orientation Week. Organizing events like staff socials, historical and cultural tours, shopping trips and numerous other activities for new staff to feel settled and welcomed in Tirana.

- Weekly Yoga - I built a relationship with a local yoga studio and organized a teacher to come to our school weekly for staff classes.

- Open Mic Nights - We have organized a monthly open mic night for staff and families. It has been a great way to discover how talented our staff is!

- Staff Sports - We have facilitated numerous friendly staff sports afternoons uniting our team through fun competition.

- Holiday Events - With many international staff we have hosted many holiday events including: Friendsgiving, Winter Holiday Celebrations, Albanian Independence Spirit Day, Spring Socials etc.

- Weekend Retreats - I love organizing large group trips and getting to explore new places with colleagues.

- Weekly HIIT Classes - I personally coach a weekly HIIT (High Intensity Impact Training) session for staff. Classes are free, but we suggest a small donation which goes to support a local children's charity.

- And many more! The Social and Wellness Committee has planned 1-2 full staff events per week for the entire time I have been at Albanian College.

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