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Why I Teach.


When students have access to quality education and their individuality is fostered and celebrated through the arts, they grow up to be creative problem-solvers who will change the world for the better. To guide-end this transformative process is my reason for becoming a teacher. I believe that there is a place in every classroom where individual students can thrive.  It is my role as a teacher to guide  students to a place where they feel safe to express themselves, to take risks, and to learn and grow as students and artists. The classroom, like the theatre, is a place of community where students unite through inquiry and move forward through their education by blending their academic, creative and leadership skills. I strive to create a classroom where students support each other through collaborative teamwork and each student is confident and excited about delving deeper into the world of the arts or academic curriculum. It is my deepest hope that students leave my class feeling confident in their ability to communicate their passions, ideas, and needs, and go forward through their education with a global perspective, clearly seeing the interconnectedness between all subject areas. 


An ideal classroom is one in which students have access to all the resources needed to facilitate learning. A  carefully prepared environment sets students up for self-directed success through  independent access to books, manipulatives, props, costumes, technology, and educational resources. When teaching, I present new information through worked-examples with full class participation followed by reflective discussions. My students have frequent opportunities to demonstrate learning through individual and group projects and performances, independent research, peer feedback, and personal reflections.  I apply these strategies across grade levels while making age-appropriate modifications. It is important that students make real-world connections to class work; therefore, I am an unflagging advocate of field trips and experiential learning engagements outside of the classroom. My teaching style is dynamic and I am constantly adapting methods and class activities to meet the needs of students and classes. Every group of students is different, so I design lessons to reach individual student needs and to constantly improve the group dynamics of the class or ensemble. I am a highly energetic, creative, and globally-minded person, and I bring these qualities with me into the classroom everyday. 


My intent is to leave my students with a positive impression of education and of the arts. I want them to feel encouraged, to follow their passions and interests, and to know they had a teacher who supported them, challenged them,  and believed in the validity of their dreams. 

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